Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Senz pH Duo


The Senz pH Duo is a 2 in 1 tester that measures pH as well as temperature in water.  This is especially convenient when both pH and temperature readings are needed.  Now you do not need to buy another thermometer and you also save time between tests.  The Senz pH Duo is rugged, splash proof and drop shock resistant.  The automatic endpoint reading means that a technician will not need to guess the endpoint of a pH reading, thus ensuring accurate records of data all the time.

Advanced features:

One-Touch Calibration
Effortless calibration with a single press of the button.  Always calibrate accurately!

Automatic Endpoint Reading & Calibration
Eliminates guesswork!  The unit automatically locks to an endpoint reading during each test and calibration.

Beep Function
Audible beep on every press of a button and a long beep on every completed function and end-point reading.


Senz pH Duo
0 to 14 pH               0 to 50 C
0.1 pH                    0.1 C
0.2 pH                 0.5 C
Calibration Points: Single point at pH7
Battery Type:
4 x 1.5V button cell (Alkaline A76 or equivalent)
Battery Life:
Approx. 150 hours
Automatic Shut-off:
Approx. 15 minutes
Product Life:
365 tests or about 1 year, whichever earlier
Operating Temperature:
0 to 50C or 32 to 122F
Packaging Dimension Size (LxWxH):
185mm x 65mm x 25mm
Packaging Weight:
Approx. 135gm
Product Dimension Size (LxWxH):
170mm x 32mm x 15mm
Product Weight:
Approx. 70gm


Water processing/ Purifying

Pools & Spa

School/Education Institutes

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